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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Microban - If mold or mildew or other forms of bacteria are an issue for you we can post spray with Microban to kill those unwanted organisms.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Process:
  1. Pre-spray with alkaline cleaning agent.
  2. Floor machine with scrub pad.
  3. Grout line scrubbing.
  4. High heat/ pressure extraction.
  5. Acid solution application.
  6. Grout line scrubbing as needed.
  7. High heat/ pressure extraction.

For an additional Charge, a penetrating sealer may be applied to the grout lines of ceramic tile.

This process is for ceramic tile and will render the surface almost new in look. If you have a natural stone surface in need of cleaning the process is slightly different, and may require some polishing. This process is much more expensive.