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Carpet Cleaning

At Jordan Services we know that you want the best possible clean, and for it to stay clean. To this end we use a 3 step process to get the most dirt out, and leave your carpet the freshest, driest and softest.

  1. Dry vacuum: This step removes much of the dry “particulate” soil that is not water soluble and will not dissolve in water. We use a professional grade vacuum that does a better job than most HEPA filtered vacuums.
  2. Pre-Spray: This is the use of an agent that causes the release or dissolution of soil from carpet fibers. Generally, we use agents formulated for specific carpet fibers or soil conditions, such as an enzyme based product for organic soils such as food drinks. Primarily, I choose products based on how well they work, We can provide the use of Hypo-allergenic and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products for those who have bad allergies or are concerned about the use of strong cleaning products near their children.
  3. Steam or Hot Water Extraction: I use this step to rinse the pre-spray agent and soils from the carpet. The truck heats the water to a scalding 190+ and the powerful van powered vacuum removes the remaining soils and germs from your home, giving you fresh clean smelling and feeling carpet.

Additionally, spotting is included in the base price. We can typically remove spots and stains such as wine or coffee, gum, tar or grease, lip stick, etc. If you are having problems with pet odors and stains, we have the remedy for that as well.

For an additional charge you may request:

Maui Carpet Cleaning by Jordan Services